Anaka FoSter, M.A., CRC, CIt

Registered Psychologist


Most couples report reduced fighting after the first session.

Emotional connection is restored and deepened.

Efforts to show  love are maximized, and become noticed and appreciated.

Hot topics that used to be avoided become manageable, and resolutions are found.

Negative cycles of communication are reversed.

Deep ruptures in connection such as infidelity are healed.

Common Outcomes :

M.A. University of Arizona
  • Registered Psychologist
  • Certified Imago Therapist
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Reduce anxiety, stress, and get "unstuck" with the help of EMDR


Anaka Foster

For couples seeking  intense private therapy in a short time, marathon sessions can provide up to 15 hrs of individualized therapy in 3 days.

Marathon Sessions

Get the equivalent of 3 months of private therapy lessons in just 2 days, all while enjoying the beauty and nature of the Waterton National Park area.


Marriages and Families,

One couple at a time!


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