• Married
  • Engaged
  • Cohabiting
  • Beginning New Relationships
  •  Separated
  • Considering Divorce
  • Recently Discovered or Divulged an Affair
  •  Single and want to find a a healthy relationship

Imago is for people who are:

  1. Listen, validate, and empathize
  2. Calm your defenses
  3. Break out of negative communication cycles
  4. Resolve conflicts effectively while maintaining connection

Want to feel closer to your partner, but lack the time or money for therapy sessions? This Retreat is equivalent to 3-4 months of professional relationship counseling in just 2 days and saves you $1600!!!

What is included:
This Retreat includes 13 hrs of instruction, interaction and practice with Anaka Foster, Registered Psychologist and Certified Imago Relationship Specialist. This is equivalent to 6 private  sessions (valued at $2400). That means that you can benefit from approximately 3-4 months of professional relationship counseling in just 2 days and save $1600!!!

Plus, if you have extended health insurance benefits for counseling or Psychological Services through your employer such as AB Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife, etc., you should be able to get reimbursed, which makes this weekend almost Free!

$800 per couple includes: Workshop, Resources, Lunch and snacks.

Mountain View, AB, near Waterton National Park


Friday 1-6pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Upcoming Couple's Retreat Dates for 2017:

April 7-8

May 12-13

June 9-10

Sept 15-16

Oct 20-21

Nov 24-25

"Rekindle" will teach you how to:
Resolve differences effectively and peacefully.
Renew your friendship.
Rekindle your romantic flame.
Reconnect emotionally.
Repair ruptures in connection.
Learn how to listen more effectively and feel heard.
Create a Relationship Vision to guide you toward your Ideal Relationship.

Space is limited, so don't wait.  Call or email me to register today!

Whether or not you are currently in a committed relationship, Imago Therapy can help.  We believe that when relationship patterns are not functional, it can manifest as depression, anxiety, work-related stress, and symptoms of physical illness that may not be recognized by doctors.  Imago Therapy can help individuals discover and re-frame dysfunctional patterns from the past that are sabotaging their current relationships, and begin a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


Learn How To:

Unlike other therapy models, Imago Therapy does not focus on solving the presenting problems; it is about Restoring Connection! We believe that conflict is a sign that growth is trying to happen, and that frustrations are the words we use to express our deepest unmet needs.  By uncovering our unmet needs, we are able to re-frame our frustrations into requests that our partner can hear and then act upon. 



Rekindle the Flame: 2 Day Couple's Retreat

Imago Couples Therapy


Anaka FoSter, M.A., CRC, CIt

Registered Psychologist




Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence based, integrative therapeutic approach that was developed to help deal with traumatic events or PTSD.  It has been used to help with a variety of anxiety-based issues, such as performance anxiety, chronic pain, addictions, panic attacks, grief and loss, and stress reduction.  It involves a standard 8 step protocol that combines elements of several psychotherapeutic approaches.  For more information, please visit: www.emdria.org